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Introducing JLPT Energy Hub



In partnership with Jerry Lynch Personal Training, Tradehouse is delighted to introduce JLPT Energy Hub, an initiative that seeks to energise the people of Ballincollig and beyond through a focus on nutritious food's, education & local community spirit and support.

Through regular motivation, articles, hints & tips around diet and exercise, the ambition of Tradehouse together with Ballincollig-man Jerry Lynch, is to simply help the people of Ballincollig achieve their health & fitness goals.

Our chefs have worked closely with local nutritionist Jerry Lynch and his team to develop a brand new menu, full of nutritious, wholesome meals, supporting you through your fitness journey in 2021!. The menu is packed full of protein and incredible flavours for you to enjoy and benefit from.

If you are setting some health and fitness-related goals for 2021, Tradehouse & JLPT can help you stay focused and motivated by eating healthily and saving you precious time! JLPT Energy Hub is for all ages and backgrounds.

The JLPT Energy Hub begins with a brand new menu at Tradehouse. Over the coming weeks, Jerry and his team will publish some 'at home' work-outs articles hints and tips to keep you all motivated and on track. When permitted, the initiative hopes to develop further, leading with Saturday morning run's for the Ballincollig community and their friends and families. Join us on this exciting journey

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Edward, General Manager of Tradehouse Bar & Kitchen;

"We all need a little push in our lives when it come to making new changes. Tradehouse can help you make the first step in achieving your health goals!

Jerry Lynch, Founder of Jerry Lynch Personal Training Centre

"Every year, we support people looking to make a fresh start for themselves in the New Year with new, personal goals and targets. We specialize in assisting client's achieve their personal fitness and lifestyle goals through exercise and balanced diet. Now, with the support of the Tradehouse culinary team in Ballincollig, our clients and friends have direct access to freshly prepared, nutritiously balanced, healthy meals. We are very proud to partner with TradeHouse on this initiative and the JLPT Energy Hub is a very exciting venture for us, with the potential to help an entire community, and more!!!

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About Jerry Lynch Personal Training

Based in both Ballincollig & Glanmire, Jerry Lynch Personal Training provide a unique opportunity to exercise and work out in a completely private and confidential setting. For more information, watch the below video or visit their website.