• Pierre

    Pierre est notre gérant. Like a fine wine our Pierre is getting better with age, such a nice guy, hard worker and is never short of a joke in the office. C’est notre Pierre


    Aco is passionate about food, loves creating new dishes, and thrives on delivering delightful dining experiences for our customers. That’s our Aco.


    Jayne is our very own wine connoisseur. She enjoys sharing her wine knowledge and is convinced a glass day is good for your health. Always smiling. That’s our Jayne



    Our Jack is a Jack of all trades. He is known as a serial chips & salsa eater, great conversationalist and prefers his puns intended, service with a smile.

    That’s our Jack


    Jack is a man we all look up to. Our head mixologist likes it ‘shaken’ not stirred. Loves a good eggs Benedict and is always happy to help. That’s our Jack.


    Lana is the Mother of our Tradehouse team, like all mothers she is warm, caring, helpful and more importantly not afraid to get out the wooden spoon, a staff and customer favourite. That’s our Lana

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